this is about wrong

this is about error

this is about problem

this is about me

this is about design

this is about art

this is about life


I m doing graffiti on your wall

find again

I m doing graffiti on your wall

Personal Information:
This is the fan page for
the Facebook graffiti
of Wahyu Eka Prasetya.
I m doing graffiti on your wall.
I hope I can do it every day I can.


  1. Bagus.. Wahyu Eka Prasetya itu km ya Mas?
    Kok dandak ganti nama segala sih? :D

  2. kerennn ,. btw salam kenal ya ,.
    wahh dapet aja niy inspirasinya ,.

    kerenn ,. *two thumbs up*

    kapan niy nulis posting tentang tutorial bikin ini
    bagi-bagi tipsnya dung ,. (^_^)

    he he he he


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